3 Phase Test And Tag


3 Phase Test and Tag involves similar comprehensive visual inspections and electrical tests as single phase appliances, only conducted in a different advanced way to determine the safety and compliance of the equipment.



Once testing is complete and the device identified as compliant and safe, we will apply a compliance label to indicate the testing schedule which applies for this type of device and the date next due for testing.



We provide you with a written report for each visit. If we have found something that needs to be rectified we will highlight that in the report and recommend the fastest and easiest solution if we haven’t made the repairs all ready for you.


The Guiding Document

The document that guides your compliance for the test and tag process is AS/NZS 3760: 2010 – In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.

Depending on your industry, electrical equipment may need to be tested 3, 6, or 12 monthly. Stellar Test and Tag keeps track of the requirements for your business, and schedules re visits, to take some pressure off you.


Stellar Test and Tag: Your 3-Phase Test and Tag Professionals

The importance of regular 3-phase test and tag on your machines and appliances cannot be overstated. Ensuring that your electrical equipment is in good condition and compliant with prescribed standards ensures the safety of your employees that use the equipment and saves you money in the long run. By having your equipment regularly tested, you can keep up an effective maintenance schedule, keeping your machines in a good state of repair for longer.

The law requires that you have electrical machinery and equipment regularly tested to comply with industry safety standards. Depending on the class of the equipment in use and which industry you are engaged in, your machines may need to be tested every three or six months or annually.


The Importance of a 3-Phase Insulation Resistance Test

Effective insulation is essential to the safe and proper functioning of an electric motor. Without adequate insulation, current is not directed through the correct route, resulting in loss of power and functionality, and leading to unsafe working conditions.

  • Regular testing and tagging of your electrical machinery and equipment is an important aspect of upkeep and maintenance, helping to ensure that your gear works better and safer for longer.
  • Many people opt to replace an electric motor that no longer functions optimally. Replacement is not nearly as cost-effective as effective troubleshooting and repair since most electrical faults are relatively minor and not at all expensive to fix. Regular testing will ensure that any potential problems are identified early.
  • Who can afford downtime due to faulty electrical equipment? A disruption in your work activity can end up costing you thousands of dollars. We offer preventative maintenance inspections that aim to eliminate unnecessary downtime and breakdowns.


What Sets Stellar Test and Tag Apart Regarding Test and Tag Phase Testing?

Let’s say you have to test a 3-phase appliance with a power supply. Who do you call? Stellar Test and Tag, that’s who. We carry out professional testing of electrical machinery and equipment to AS/NZS 3760: 2010 standard, ensuring the optimal functionality and longevity of your kit and that it fully complies with safety standards.

  • Whether you need one tool tested or one thousand, we do it all. We offer a comprehensive, fast, and reliable service to our customers throughout a range of industries where regular testing and tagging is required. We offer friendly and professional service every time.
  • Always know where you stand. Once your equipment has been tested and tagged, with the date for the next inspection determined, we provide full reporting on our findings. We also make it easy for you to check our results and the next inspection dates without reading every tag on every machine physically.
  • We cover a large geographical area, proudly serving customers throughout NSW, from our base in Gunnedah. No matter where you are in NSW, call us, we can look after your needs.


About Stellar Test and Tag

After years of working in industries where regular electrical testing was practiced and became compulsory, we started Stellar Test and Tag. We saw a need for a fast, effective, and transparent service that removes the hassle of testing and tagging for our customers. Contact us today for more information.