Replacement Electrical Plug


Comply With Test and Tag Standards – Get a Replacement Electrical Plug

Electrical equipment is essential to our lives but carries genuine risks if you don’t regularly inspect it. The Australian government enacted the AS/NZS 3760 test and tag standard to help ensure people’s safety. If you own a business, you need to be aware of the test and tag procedures. Something as straightforward as a replacement electrical plug can save lives.


Test and Tag Explained

All businesses use plug-in electrical equipment. This equipment, like all things electrical, has to be kept up to safety standards. The AS/NZS 3760 test and tag standard and NSW SafeWork standards require that all plug-in electrical equipment be put through various tests periodically to ensure their safe operation. The frequency of testing depends on where you use the equipment and for what purpose. After the tests have been conducted by a certified professional, they will ‘tag’ the equipment declaring it safe until the next test date. An electrical plug replacement can save you from the devastating consequences of an electrical fire.

  • Equipment used in high-risk environments needs testing most often. These environments include bathrooms, kitchens, workshops, equipment used on-site, and other manufacturing environments. The testing frequency varies from every three months for hired equipment to every 12 months for kitchens and other areas where equipment experiences heavy use, such as in offices and schools.
  • Equipment used in secure, non-hostile environments need testing less often but still needs to be checked. The lamp and printer at the reception deskfall into this category, but wear and tear can still happen to this type of equipment. A replacement lamp cord and the socket is a small price to pay for safety. Secure environments include all places where the equipment is stationary and suffers no heavy wear. Residential settings also fall closer to a secure environment than a hostile one. Equipment in secure environments needs testing every five years and residential environments, such as hotels, every two years.
  • Testing should be done by a Test and Tag professional. It doesn’t need to be an expensive electrician, but the person does need a test and tag qualification, experience, training, or a combination of these.


The Report

The testing and tagging report holds immense importance. It is your proof that the correct process was followed and serves to keep you aware of when testing is next due. Hiring a test and tag company that collects and stores the data for you is the best solution.

  • The report includes the test date and when the next test is needed. It also contains the full test results, test location, repairs such as electrical cord plug replacement or lamp socket replacement, and appliance identification and comments.
  • The reports vary depending on the size and complexity of your business.


Choose Stellar Test and Tag

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