Fire Extinguisher Testing

We visually inspect every fire extinguisher in your building for signs of damage or deterioration. We also ensure that there is a regulation “Fire Extinguisher” sign placed above each extinguisher to help identify its location.


We remove each extinguisher from its bracket and bag to check that:

  • The pin has not been but can be removed.
  • check that the pressure gauge indicates that pressure is at the appropriate level.
  • We clean the equipment and replace it how we found it if not better.


Once testing is complete, we will apply a compliance label to indicate the testing schedule which applies for this type of extinguisher and the date next due for testing.


If the report indicates that any of your fire equipment is non-compliant and needs rectification or replacement, we will recommend a solution. This report along with all other maintenance records and reports will need to be retained, we are only a call or email away and we will keep your report on record just incase.

The Guiding Document

The inspection, test, and maintenance regime for fire extinguishers, fire blankets, & fire hose reels requires that they be serviced every 6 months as per Australian Standard AS 1851-2012.