RCD Testing

RCDs, or Safety Switches are designed to immediately switch off the electricity supply if an electrical fault is detected.

This minimises the risk of:

  • Electricity related fires
  • Electric shock
  • Injury, and Death.

Visual Inspection :

We visually inspect all required electrical appliances for signs of damage or deterioration.


We perform trip-time tests of your RCD (more then just flick the switch or press a button) in accordance with the Australian Standards. Trip-time tests actually test the time it takes for the system to respond when there is a problem.

We will test each RCD at 0 degrees and again at 180 degrees.


Once testing is complete and the device identified as compliant and safe, we will apply a compliance label to indicate the testing schedule which applies for this type of device and the date next due for testing.


We provide you with a written report each visit. If we have found something that needs to be rectified we will highlight that in the report and recommend the fastest and easiest solution if we haven’t made the repairs already for you.