Smoke Alarm

Let us keep you compliant with the most up to date requirements for your home or business.

At Stellar Teat and Tag, we ensure that each and ever property is compliant with the smoke alarm legislation and standards according to each state and territory regulations. We help keep building occupants safe and ensure that business owners, landlords and property managers are fulfilling their compliance obligations.

Visual Inspection:

We visually inspect every smoke alarm in every building for signs of damage or deterioration, we ensure that you have the required number for the size of the building and that they are positioned correctly according to the legislation in your area.


We conduct a maintenance test on each alarm, including:

  • Using test smoke
  • Button push test
  • Decibel testing,
  • We can also replace batteries and faulty or expired smoke alarms.


We provide you with:

  • A written report outlining all actions taken during the maintenance visit
  • All equipment maintained or replaced and any recommendations for change identified during the visit.
  • This report serves as your service record for your smoke alarms and needs to be retained for audit purposes, we are only a call or email away and we will keep your report on record just incase.

The Guiding Document

The document that guides your compliance for smoke alarm inspection and maintenance is Australian Standard AS 3786-2014. As part of Stellar Test and Tag services you will receive updates on any changes to this Standard or any change to individual state or territory requirements.